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Production Clients:

Woven Green
The Brew
Terri Allard
Laura Baron
Amos Gilkey
Lalah Simcoe
Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts
Debbie Hunter
Freyda Epstein
Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center
Maggie Sansone
Michael Manring

Studio Client List:
John D'earth & Dawn Thompson
James Leva & Carol Elizabeth Jones
James Leva
Tim Reynolds
The Guano Boys
The Ryegrass Rollers
The Virginian Ramblers
Peyton Tochterman
Laura Risk
Paddy League
Ben Krakauer & Pete Frostic
Jennifer Kirkland
Dave Grant
Royce Campbell
Lew Woodall
Doug Bethel
Sam Wilson
Devon Sproule
Paul Curreri
Dave Weisler
Hod O'Brien & Stephanie Nakasian
Yvaine Duisit
Doug Shneider
Helane Fontaine
C.H.S. Orchestra
The Deal
Big Circle
Laura Light
The Morrison Brothers
The Blue Ridge Irish Music School
John McCutcheon
Lisa Roberson
Mike Seeger
Peggy Seeger
Bob Peckman
Jeff Decker
The Free Bridge Quintet
Robert Jospe
Roaring Mary
Al Petteway
Robin & Linda Williams
Peter Kater
Barb Martin
Brady Earnhart
Mark Roebuck

The Virginia Gentlemen
The Virginia Belles
Emmanuel Episcopal Church Choir (recorded live in England and at Emmanuel Episcopal Church)
Big Ray and the Kool Kats (recorded live at Carysbrook Performing Arts Center)

Artist References

"Bobby is sure to get the best out of any musician who comes into his studio. He is not only the swiftest engineer we have worked with, his production skills are top-notch and his ear is impeccable. Bobby is fair with his rates and very efficient with his time."

-- Woven Green

"Bobby Read single handedly helped us move from JV to the big leagues. He won't accept anything less than world class and we can't thank him enough for that. The feedback on the product he has made with us has been universally amazing. His ears are scary good, his ideas are incredible, and he is a pleasure to work with. He has got it all, the knowledge, gear, right attitude, work ethic, ideas, experience, personality I could go on and on. Oh yeah, and he is pretty good at the saxophone too. Working with Bobby was one of the best things that ever happened to us as a band."

-- The Brew

"Bobby Read is the guy you want making your recording. After our CD came out we received a slew of great reviews and many fellow musicians told me it was the best recording quality they had heard on an Old-time CD. The clarity of the mix was amazing. Not only does he have the technology and experience, but most importantly, as a first rate musician himself, he has the ears and the musical mind it takes to make recordings sound their best. He also is great to work with, putting the needs of the individual artist first. I'm looking forward to our next project with Bobby."

-- Rick Martin, fiddler
Troublesome Creek String Band

"I've done many projects over the years w/ Bobby Read and found him always to be the consummate professional in all ways. I highly recommend his studio."

-- Royce Campbell,
jazz guitarist & composer

"Bobby is one the best players, engineers, and producers I've ever worked with. In the studio, Bobby is fast and always gets a great drum sound."

-- Robert Jospé
jazz and world drummer

"You can't find a better recording engineer than Bobby Read. He's got a top notch studio and has the savvy to make the most of his superb programs and equipment. But even more than that, Bobby is one of the best musicians I've ever met, and those amazing ears of his sure come in handy."

-- James Leva
songwriter, fiddle & guitar player

"Bobby Read is a master: recording engineer, producer, arranger, musician - he can do it all. I have recorded and co-produced five records with him. Bobby's combination of talent, experience and skill has made a unique contribution to my songs; many have won awards and received critical acclaim. Bobby guides and encourages every musician in the session to produce their best. He has helped me grow and mature as an artist and bring my best to each song. I travel from DC to Charlottesville to record with Bobby, and I am always glad I do.

-- Laura Baron

"I've worked at Small World Audio on a variety of projects, and I notice the same things every time: we have fun recording, we come up with some cool ideas we hadn't considered, we're happy with the finished product, and we finish within the time we budgeted. That says a lot. I totally recommend Small World."

-- Charlie Pastorfield,
Skip Castro Band,
Big Circle

"Our band recorded a bluegrass cd at Bobby's studio recently, and we've been urging other bands to go there based on the project that Bobby engineered and mixed for us. He really has the tools and ear to do one of the toughest gigs in a studio-tracking and texturing a sound comprised entirely of acoustic instruments and voice. We'll definitely be back there for our next project."

-- Jeff Vogelgesang
Virginia Ramblers bluegrass band;
Jan Smith duo

"Bobby Read's work will get you as close to a big studio-major label sound as you can get and still
sound wonderful. His ability to get right to business as an engineer, his impeccable ears as a producer, and his imagination, discipline and helpfulness with arrangements make him invaluable, not to mention he is one of the finest tenor sax players I have ever heard anywhere."

--Chris Nappy Leva -
Guano Boys, T'ain’t

"I am usually very intimidated by the recording process, but the relaxed living room atmosphere at Small 'World Audio along with the calm and reassuring presence of the Reads made the experience actually enjoyable. That and the fact that they both demonstrate a mastery over digital recording technology resulting in seamless edits, balanced mixes, and an overall beautiful natural sound."

-- Phil Audibert
Guitar, vocals
Odd Legged Jenny


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