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We are happy to take on your project at whatever stage you wish. Many people work here from start to finish, but we welcome different kinds of collaborations. You might want to record some of your tracks at home and add them in here, or record all your tracks elsewhere and come here to mix or master, or bring a project that you started somewhere else and finish it off here. We've dealt with all these situations, and we'll work with you to ensure file/media compatibility and as snafu-free a transition as possible.

Call or email us to talk about the details. Even the most unconventional-seeming arrangements often end with great results.

Since mp3s don't represent true audio quality, we have a demo CD of projects recorded in our studio available on request.

In-studio hourly rate: $75
We do not offer bulk, day, weekly, or package rates.
Please see our more detailed PDF for information on remote live recording and production.

We work by appointment only, throughout the week. Call or email us to discuss your project or to come for a visit. We recommend scheduling studio time as far in advance as possible.


Remote live recording
Voice Overs
Woodwind, string, vocal, synth, keyboard and percussion parts
References to local professional musicians available for hire
Media transfer (eg. album or reel-to-reel tape to CD)


Bobby Read has been recording album and cd releases since 1981 in a succession of studios he has built to do both personal music projects and to record and produce for others. See discography here. For a long time he changed the name of the studio for every release, a perverse practice mainly for his own entertainment. Among others: Black Hole of Calcutta, The Minstrel Hut, Eleven Eleven, Grey Mountain, and simply Bobby Read's Studio, before settling down to Small World Audio.

Zach Blatter has come on board as assistant engineer.

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